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Nov. 5: Kids Medicine Making

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Nov. 5: Kids Medicine Making


Nov. 5: Kids Medicine Making

from 30.00

This class will explore the wonders of plants with kids. We will learn how to use plants to help with every day problems such as colds, upset bellies, difficulty falling asleep or needing some calm down time. The children will have a hands on experience making herbal potions and learning how to use herbs to make themselves feel better. We will discuss the safety of using plant medicines and avoiding poisonous plants. Each child will go home with the medicine they made in class to use at home when needed.

DATE: November 5

TIME: 1pm - 3pm


INSTRUCTORS: Liisa Korpela + Carly Policha

TUITION: Sliding Scale from $30-60 (includes materials)

NOTE: Ages 5+ bring raingear

Sliding Scale:
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