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Traditional Roots Conference 2016

Carly Policha

At the end of May a few of us had the chance to attend the Traditional Roots Conference hosted by the Traditional Roots Institute at the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM). For naturopathic doctors with so many therapeutic options at their disposal, the Traditional Roots Institute is ensuring that the botanical underpinnings of natural medicine are highlighted at the college. We at the Cascadia Botanical Institute strongly agree with the Traditional Roots’ mission of “bringing the people’s medicine back to the people.....

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Stinging Nettles

Liisa Korpela

As the Willamette Valley is bursting with springtime, one of our favorite first foraging adventures each year is the quest for the ultimate spring green: nettles. They have a long history of use as a fiber, food and medicine. A powerhouse of nutrition, packed with vitamins and minerals, this is the perfect herb to nourish and “lighten” the body after a long winter slumber of darkness and heavy, rich, dense foods.

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